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Regional Referral Program

NAC SKI provides a cost effective way to bring customer to top resorts in North America. There is a compelling reason to let more people know about what we service. The “Regional Referral Program" earns you bonus points. Each time you refer someone you receive $5 Frequent Skier's Points when he/she takes our ski trip. You may use it when you accumulate 50 points.

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Terms and Conditions

  1. When and How: Your referral bonus points will be deposited into your NAC SKI account about 7 days days after the referred takes our ski trip for the 1st time.

  2. No cash value: The referral bonus has no cash value. They can only be used our trips when you accumulate $50 in points. At the end of the season, unused points in your account can not be redeemed for cash, however, they will be carried over to the next season.

  3. Valid referral: In order for our computer system to recognize it as a valid referral, it must be in either one of the two ways:
    • "The Referred" registers at our web site using the link received from the referral email
    • "The Referred" put in the referrer’s membership ID during registration

  4. Invalid referral:
    • Verbal referral is invalid.
    • Neither the referrer, referred or NAC SKI can add a referral link after a membership account has been created.

    In order words, once someone has registered on our web site on his own and forgot to put in your member ID as the referrer, we CANNOT credit you as the referrer afterward.

  5. One membership per household: NAC SKI membership is limited to one per household. Referrals between people from the same household are invalid. One can not have more than one account.

  6. Forfeit bonus: Violation of referral rules will result in account suspension of both the referrer and the referred and forfeit of all bonuses accumulated in both accounts.

  7. Limited time program: The Regional Referral is a limited time promotion program which is subject to change or discontinuation without prior notice. When the promotion ends, the bonus accumulated in your account will remain valid. However, For those you referred who take our trip after the referral program ends will no longer yield bonus for you.

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